The Lonely Planet Travel guide says :
“Rolling hills, grassy paddocks and a succession of tiny, charming little gold-rush towns make this region worth exploring, though most travellers barely pause for breath as they pass through.” (p. 595)
“The little village of Clyde on the bank of the emerald green Clutha River looks more like a cute 19th-century gold-rush film set than a real town. Despite a recent influx of retirees (or perhaps because of them) Clyde retains a friendly, small-town feel, even when holidaymakers arrive in numbers over summer, and is a great place to chill out for a couple of days.” (p. 596)
“Those seeking quiet backcountry NZ, and noisy backcountry New Zealanders, will love the tiny towns of inland Otago: historical Clyde, sweet little St Bathans, Disney-cute Naseby – wonderful dots of humanity that don’t see a lot of tourist traffic.” (p. 577)
“Unhurried, and rife with picturesque scenery, Otago is generous to explorers who are after something a little less intense. The best part is, there are few crowds to share it with.” (p. 577)