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The Promote Dunstan Long Lunch


Since 2006 Promote Dunstan has organised the Long Lunch as a part of the Annual Thyme Festival

The event takes place on the final Sunday of the Thyme Festival and is held in a large marquee on Pioneer Park.

The event consists of a rather splendid three course meal prepared by a very clever local chef - Jo Robinson


This was out first year and 28 people attended.


In our second year forty turned up to share the meal with our special guest, Tony Gilbert (ex Assistant   Coach of the all Blacks).



The 2008 event was held on Sunday 23rd November and was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.


Selar Henderson, our departing Chairperson, speaks in one of his last official Promote Dunstan events before leaving to take up an appointment in Wellington.

Our special guest for 2008 was Barrie Wills - photographer (and his lovely wife Anne). Barrie spoke of his developing (sorry!) love of photography and the production of his recent book : 'Central Otago - A View from the Interior'.