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The Matau Street Stone Building


Promote Dunstan is very interested in ensuring that the old stone building in Matau Street is at least preserved and preferably restored. It was thought until recently (by Promote Dunstan) that the Bank of New South Wales (NSW) Agency was opened in Matau Street, Clyde in 1862 and closed in 1879.

However the bank archives for the Bank of NSW, Bank of New Zealand and the Union Bank have indicated that all of these banks were situated in Sunderland Street.

Some time ago the building had the word 'Hotel' painted on some of its windows for the filming of the Goldfields movie 'Illustrious Energy' and these signs remain today.

The building in question is currently owned by the Alexandra Contract Bridge Club which meets regularly in a separate building on the same site, which lies between Sunderland and Matau Streets. The bank building on Matau Street has not been used for a number of years, has not been maintained and is currently in a deteriorated condition. A feasibility study is being conducted to explore options for no action, preservation or restoration. Ongoing discussions are being held with the Alexandra Contract Bridge Club and a joint committee has been formed to facilitate the project.



The old stone building in Matau Street

Wallpaper in an out-building

An out-building in Matau Street