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Youth Leadership Program


Each year Promote Dunstan provides financial assistance for a young person from our area to attend a Youth Community Leaders Scholarship for young people with leadership potential. This project is funded from Wine & Food festival proceeds.

The RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) is a week long live in seminar /workshop for 20-25 year olds who show leadership potential. RYLA is a unique opportunity to join like minded people to learn and develop leadership skills. 

Download an application for for this scholarship here.

The 2009 recipient was Sammy de Koning

The 2009 Course was held in the Wanaka - Hawea area.

 The programme consisted of a combination of:

  • talks by community and business leaders particularly focusing on leadership development,
  • opportunities for the exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences in discussion groups etc,
  • open sessions, sport and keep fit exercises,
  • involvement in a community activity and with the host Rotary Club.

    Promote Dunstan will seek applications from those interested in applying for the award each year. If you are interested then please contact promote Dunstan via the Contact page.

    Below are some photographs of Sammy's experiences at the course.


    In 2008 the recipient of the award was Jamie Bell who was Curator at the Central Stories Museum in Alexandra and now works at the Auckland Zoo.

    The 2008 RYLA course was based in Invercargill and included 28 young leaders from throughout Southern New Zealand.

    After attending the course Jamie reported back to the Promote Dunstan committee and it was clear that he had gained considerable value from the excellent course.

    Some photographs taken by Jamie at the course are shown below.